New Headset! :)

New Headset! :)

Postby brektzar » May 29th, 2013, 6:02 am

Me and DJM Got us some new headsets :P
We both bought the Corsair Vengeance 2000 and it is awesome!
The sound is clear and very good, the drivers include a control panel with pre-made EQ settings for FPS, MMO, movies and more. I did change it to my own settings though.
The headset emulates 7.1 surround sound, and i do have to say that it works great. I tried it in The Witcher 2 because in my opinion that game has great sound and even better in 7.1. My 5.1 surround system is still better, but those are real speakers made for surround so they cant really be compared.

The microphone has built in noise protection and echo cancellation. The mic is also very clear for a gaming headset, in my experience the gaming headsets dont come with great microphones that often.

The headset is quite bulky but once its on your head you can barely feel the weight of it, even if you do, its super comfortable due to the suade like cover fabric for the memory foam padding.
The cups cover the ears instead of pushing on them like many other headsets do.

The headset is also wireless and connects via USB. You can play with the cable plugged into the headset if you want to though, but that requires two USB ports as far as i know, one for the USB dongle and one for the cable that connects to the headset.

These might be the best headset i have ever tried, i can only find minor problems with it.
One problem is the fact that to charge and use at the same time you need two USB ports. And the cable plugs in to the headset on the left side, it would be easier for me to have it on the right side, as it is now i have a cable in my lap. :P
Another problem is the fact that there is noise as soon as the mic is pulled down, but if you push it back up it automatically mutes so its no biggie. And if you are listening to anything you most likely wont hear the noise at all.

So, as you can see the issues i have with this headset is basically just me looking for something to bring them down at least a little...

I do recomend this headset to anyone and everyone, it doesnt matter if youre a gamer, this headset works great with music and it works great with voice chatting aswell. And the comfort of this thing is amazing, ive been wearing mine for a while now and no preassure against the top of my head or around the ears, it is a near perfect headset in my opinion. And at 134$(134 USD in the store we bought it) its a tad expensive but with all hat this headset has to offer its more than worth the money.

This is not a review, just my thoughts about the headset ;) But if it was a review i would give it 8.5/10, it would be 9/10 if the bass was "heavier". But it is really good as it is and an 8.5 from me is really good :P I am quite picky when it comes to my computer :P

Vengeance 2000 Product page
Sorry for my english, it is not always the best ;)

If there is anything you need feel free to ask! :)

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