Blender Conference 2013

Blender Conference 2013

Postby IrascibleOne » October 25th, 2013, 10:02 pm

Anyone paying attention to (or maybe attending??) the Blender Conference?

I watched the keynote and a talk about the Golden Age Project so far. Would like to go through them all as I find the time. The only conferences I usually watch are web development oriented and I usually like to take notes after, to help remember things, so maybe this'll act as quick notes of sorts. And maybe help people pick what they want to see. Or maybe for people who don't want to watch the whole videos.

Ton's Keynote
Emphasis on the wide array of countries and people who use Blender, pretty cool if you think about it. Talks about stuff concerning the development of Blender and a little bit about the future of the UI of Blender. I think the most exiting thing is the Gooseberry project Ton mentioned. A full open movie rather than just a short. Tears of Steel didn't really seem, to me at least, to have the impact Sintel did. A full movie would be awesome.

Rob Tuytel - The Golden Age Experience
A talk about the Golden Age project. Most of the talk involves Rob telling a somewhat long story about how the project started. He shows a video and some work in progress images at the end of the talk. Makes a point at the end of the presentation that you need inspiration or something that drives you to get through big projects, otherwise you'll get stuck and never finish.

Aeva Palecek - Developing Artist-Centric Tools and Infrastructure for 3D Printing
The presentation starts off with a talk about how one can get models ready to be printed. Overall, talks about issues with current printing and what Voxelpressis doing to try to make the printing process for Blender users much simpler. Doesn't sound like the project is ready for use yet, but it's good information on how one could be printing from Blender in the future.

Includes a lot of questions at the end. Definitely geared more towards people who are already into 3D printing. Questions seem to come from people who are already familiar with 3D printing, but it isn't hard to follow if you are new to 3d printing.

Andrew Price - Improving Blender's UI
Info about how Andrew got started with this and the process he went through to create the proposal he shared a while ago. The first 10-15 minute is basically a rehash of whats been going on with what he's been doing with his UI. He talks about the problems with his proposal and how he feels we should go forward with the Blender UI but much of this is derived from his pod cast with the UI professional. Nothing terribly new.

Last half of the presentation consists of questions from the audience. If you've been following along with this UI journey, this is probably the part you are interested in, about 30 minutes in.

Overall, Andrew basically tells us that the proposed UI isn't going to happen (doesn't surprise me), but there is a lot to take away from it and that Blender could use some extra emphasis on the UI. Get the feeling the hype about this is going to die down a bit.
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