Imantu Merger

Imantu Merger

Postby IrascibleOne » June 21st, 2014, 12:51 am

When DS7 is ready to go, I will move any Imantu content to DS that belongs to someone with an account here. Did some stats and it turns out 279 of the 295 works on Imantu will be shifted onto DS. (Side note: 186 are by Brek, 61 by DJM. Which means ~18% of the people who uploaded works on Imantu accounted for ~83% of all the works. Which is very interesting because it follows the 80/20 rule).

Anyways, if you are one of the 8 people effected by this and you don't want some/all of your works moved to DS, then speak up now! Or if you are one of the other three and you used different usernames between the sites, speak up now! (I sure no one will though...) Also, for a couple of you, this may mean some duplicate content on DS when it is done. I may go through your works to delete those. I may leave it up to you. Just a heads up on that.
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