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Postby brektzar » October 19th, 2012, 5:42 pm

Since i lost my old blender files i decided to make a new watch.
This one is in my opinion better than the old one.

Of course, its a WIP ;)

Features i know of :ugeek: :

-Slider to control the strength of the light on the ring

-Buttons to change from celsius to fahrenheit

-buttons to set the stop watch(it will use the same space as the digital clock..)

-buttons to set the timer (it will use the same space as the digital clock..)

-dials to set the digital time and the analog

-button to turn of the clock hand lights

-Compass, true north(constant) is standard. Magnetic north and south(shifting) availible after a long press on the compass button.

-Button to turn of the compass light

-Button to turn of the number lights

-Waterproof down to 30 meters


-Change from 24 hour time to 12 hour(AM\PM) with a long press on the digital time dial

-Scratch resistant glass

-To change the date, press the analog dial once and turn it for year, press it twice and turn for month and press it three times then turn for day.
Sorry for my english, it is not always the best ;)

If there is anything you need feel free to ask! :)

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