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Postby Renix » September 16th, 2013, 8:05 am

Rawr! I left this topic to post somewhere else and lost what I was posting. So here's the short version. I had these resources since 2010, but they're still useful and helpful. They've been on my dropbox (which I don't have the password/email for anymore), but I still have the public links. Here, take them.

20 fantasy Art Tips
20 Rules of Game Concept Art
25 Custom Brush Tips
100 New Ways to Paint
A Guide To Drawing The Body
Become a Better Artist
Cast Doubt Aside
Colour Theory
Creating Fantasy Manga
Creative Composition
Creature Anatomy Workshop
Cutting Edge Comic Art
Design First For 3D Artists
Drawing and Painting Dragons
Drawing Mecha and Giant Robots
Effective character design
Find your style
Force Character Design from Life Drawing
Force - The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing
Getting Composition Right
Introduction to Life Drawing
Manga Tips for Beginners
Paint Air Battle Cinescapes
Painting Spaceships
Perspective - A Guide for Artists, Architects and Designers (Gwen White)
Preston Blair - Advanced Animation
The Art of Basic Drawing
Top 10 Fantasy Art Poses
Wicked RGB-CG Focus
A Guide to Digital Sketching
Combining Traditional and Digital
Create a Manga Page
Create a Robot Concept
Create a Sci-Fi Character
Create Crystal-Like Designs
Create Film Sets in Photoshop
Creating 3D Illustrations
Creating Beauty out of Chaos
Creating Striking Portraits
Custom Brushes 1 - Skin and Hair
Custom Brushes 2 - Fabric and Costume
Custom Brushes 3 - Nature and Environment
Daz 3D City Dystopia
Greebles and Nurnies
Childrens Book Illustration
Creating a Dark Urban Nightmare
Digital Painting
Game Developer Magazine_1994_2001_2008_2009
GK Texture Collection
Royalty Free Texture Pictures
Texturing Guides

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