Helicopter Game - Blender 2.60

Helicopter Game - Blender 2.60

Postby djm » December 25th, 2011, 5:27 pm

I have no idea where to put this so I put it here..

So, I've spent some time (most of my spare time really) in the Blender Game Engine the last couple of days now and I have managed to make my very own Helicopter Game. You play as a helicopter-pilot in a city and your goal, so far, is to kill the Sentry-Towers around the city.

I've made some minor restrictions in the map since the sentries are located near to the spawn.
The area where you start is called "the tutorial area". Here you get to practice on the controls as well as fight your first enemy, the Sentry-Towers. The plan from here is to add a goal to unlock a new part of the city which will be tougher, and from there it's the same stuff all over again; Kill the target(s) to move on. Since this is my first, real, game-project in blender I've decided to actually make it playable by pretty much anyone who'd like to try. The plan is also to put it on youtube, with tutorials on how to do certain stuff that I have done (which I didn't manage to find any tutorials about).

Anyway, here's a list with information about the game, the plan, things I want to add etc.

The build:
No Python implemented, ONLY Logic-Bricks and Bullet Physics Engine.
No Texturing yet, only simple materials.
Gravity - If the engine on the helicopter stops, you will crash.
Engine On & Off - You can toggle the Engines of the helicopter on and off
Real-Life Physics: Engine - If the Tail Rotor isn't turned on (or just turned off) you will spin.
Real-Life Physics: Movement - If the engines are off, you can't move.
No Collision on the rotors and guns.

The engine
Gatling Guns
No Ammo - Both Missile and Gatling Guns

The set as of today (26th December 2011):
The City - A small city where you begin your "adventure" as a helicopter-pilot.
Skyscrapers - No information required since we all know what that is.. [Tall Buildings]
Player - Green Helicopter equipped with 2 Gatling guns and a missile-launcher.
Crosshair - A modified plane which acts as a crosshair for now.
Gatling Gun - 1 point damage per hit on all objects/enemies.
Missile Launcher - 10 points of damage per hit on all objects/enemies.
Ammo - Ammo pick-ups spread across the map.
Health - You lose 1 point of HP per hit from Sentries. (Yes, you CAN die).
HP-Repairs - Red crosses which give you 20 points of health.
Sentry Towers - The Current Enemy. 10 points of Health.
Lamps - No sun, no hemi, only point lights which act as lighting for now.
Bullets: Helicopter - The helicopter has got yellow rounds which damage the target on hit.
Bullets: Sentry-Towers - The Sentry-towers fire shiny, purple, rounds at the player. They do 1 point of damage per hit.
Missiles - The player can fire turquoise missiles. They do 10 points of damage per hit.

Things I plan to add in a the future (list created; 26th December 2011):
Start-up Screen - A Welcome-screen with a "Press KEY".
Main Menu - A main menu.
Pause Menu - A pause menu.
Game-Over - Game Over Screen.
Boss-Enemies/Structures - Structures with plenty of sentries on them, and perhaps even small flying objects that will try to kill you (Requires Python though..)
Enemies: Missile-Turret - A turret that will fire a missile towards you with a seeking ability. You will be able to either shoot it down or flee.
Civilians: Ground - Random people on the ground walking and driving.
Civilians: Flying - Flying cars driven by civilians.
Civilians: Aircraft - Civilians flying random aircraft; Planes, helicopters, blimps etc.
Destructible Buildings - Buildings you can destroy by firing specialized fire power.
Specialized fire power: Stronger bullets, stronger missiles, bombs, homing missiles.
Upgrades: Speed - Upgrade your speed by finding secrets.
Upgrades: Weapons - Upgrade your weapons by doing "jobs".
Upgrades: City - This is a tough one. As the game gets bigger and bigger and you get deeper into it I want you to be able to protect an area which is yours in the big city, like a district. After doing side-quests you will earn credits which you can use near marked buildings to upgrade them and equip them with defensive structures. I know how to make this work by only using logic-bricks. I just don't know where this city, or district, will be located yet.
Upgrades: vehicles - You will be able to upgrade a building which will grant you the possibility of driving other vehicles.
Upgrades: Wingmen - you will be able to upgrade a building which will act as a training facility. Here you can add wingmen to your arsenal.
Massive Open World - I'm a fan of open-world games and that is why I have decided to make this as big as I possibly can with the limits of my computer and what it can handle. The idea is to have several cities, and not only one. I also want to have random fortresses scattered around the land where you can find "secrets" to use to upgrade your equipment.

This here is just a small list of what I want to have in this game. I know, it's my first real blender-game project but I've made a lot already and this might also be a huge source for tutorials.

If you guys have any suggestions of what you want me to add/change, please post them here and I'll add it to the list. This list will act as my check-list of things to do so everyone can keep track of where I am in the process of making this game.

I hope you all will enjoy this little project of mine and by all means, if you have any questions about how to make certain stuff by using logic bricks - don't hesitate to ask. I am all ears and I will gladly teach you guys everything I know :D

I will post a Download-link to a playable Demo here whenever I think it's ready. This part will also be the "testing" area where I will post known bugs and anything related. If you want to test the game and help me develop it, let me know!

Known Bugs:
Boundaries issues - Crash into something and turn will result in a high-speed "throw" outside the boundaries I have created for the tutorial-area.
Regards, DJM aka Sheldin!

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Re: Helicopter Game - Blender 2.60

Postby Sazex » January 5th, 2012, 4:08 pm

Wow, dude that sounds intense, and you made that in a week? DAAAANNGNGNGNGNGNNANSfdkjsfnvn
thats awesome!

Anyways I have no critiques in anyway, but I thought I should share that I too am working on a game with a friend, its called 'Instinct', Check it we even have a screen shot already!:

Of course it took me an entire month to get to this spot :problem: ... iderv1.png
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Re: Helicopter Game - Blender 2.60

Postby djm » January 9th, 2012, 11:39 am

Yah, like I said I spent pretty much all of my spare time on it :)

It's looks really neat, and you have real textures on yours (which I don't in mine, yet) :D
Regards, DJM aka Sheldin!

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