Let's make a decision

What do you think we should do concerning the community project?

Keep working on the what we have now!
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Dump it.
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Dump it and start on a new one.
Dump it and have people start their own projects.
Delete it all! We should never have to see it again!
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Let's make a decision

Postby IrascibleOne » November 9th, 2009, 10:05 am

Ok, here's the deal. I know a lot of you are crunched for time (I know that I am) so I was curious as to whether or not we wanted to continue the current community project. Personally, I think it might be best that we dump it (officially). The choices are above in the poll.

Oh, and by 'dump it', I mean put it into a subforum and leave it there to rot unless someone decides they want to revive it. Also, if we choose 'Dump it and have people start their own projects.', I would just change the section to 'Community Projects' (plural) and anyone can start their own project there and enlist the help of others.

If you have another idea, let us know, it may be better than the choices I have here.
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