Blender Error: Blender Cashes when rendering

Blender Error: Blender Cashes when rendering

Postby Cipherinc » May 7th, 2014, 9:27 am

Auto-run Disabled Driver '0'/ Blender Crashes When Render

Blender 2.70a. My blender software slows when I render, then crashes. The error message at the top of the screen is Auto-run Disabled Driver '0' I tried to update the driver. That helped however, the problem continues. I'm technically savvy, but with out too much jargon, does anyone know the best antidote for this issue?
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Re: Blender Error: Blender Cashes when rendering

Postby djm » May 7th, 2014, 9:37 am

If you're rendering with cycles I suggest you check so that yourtextures aren't too big, what kind of maps you're using for environment (HDR are buggy as hell right now) and how heavy your overall scene is. Your computer might not be up to bar with rendering it. You could also make sure you're using the fastest piece of tech in your computer for rendering; CPU or GPU, whichever works the best.
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Re: Blender Error: Blender Cashes when rendering

Postby brektzar » May 7th, 2014, 1:33 pm

This sounds just like the issues i used to have when Blender needed more RAM than i had. Or when it needed more VRAM(thats whats used when rendering on GPU)

I solved my issues automatically when i got a new PC, but you should make sure your computer meets the requirements for your scene, if it says at the top that the scene uses 2 gigs of RAM then make sure you have twice that when rendering.
For example, a subdivide modifier on any model increases the number of vertices by a lot. A plane made up of 4 vertices then subdivided will get you 9 vertices if im not mistaken, then it keeps going up more and more for each subdivision you have on the model.

For more complex models this will increase even more and it is VERY resource demanding, that coupled with complex materials will demand every ounce of power your computer can muster. Sometimes a standard desktop is not good enough to render a complete scene filled with complex elements, thats why you should try to render it in layers and stitch it together in the compositor.

Am i waay off or close to your problem with this lengthy text? :P
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