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Has anyone heard of this game yet? :P
Its an action combat oriented game, you have to move and dodge, face the enemy and stuff like that, if you dont youll get hit and die, and miss and while you recover from the miss the enemy might just kill you
think kingdoms of amalur, its sort of like that.

I am thinking of trying it out, got my beta key and activated it. So now im just waiting for the download to finish... If you guys wanna play dont forget to send me a message or something so we can play together :P

If you guys want beta keys for this game, check out MMOBombs giveaway section, they are giving out about 13k keys, and you get two spare keys from PWI(perfect world international).

MMOBomb Giveaway section:
Its only for members though, so register and get the key to play.

RaiderZ Website:

Of course you need a PWI account to play, but its a fast sign up and can be done from the RaiderZ website.


Ive played to level 9(or maybe it was 8..) now and honestly, this game is awesome!
the normal mobs are not that hard, but when you get to the elites, you really have to pay attention to what youre doing :P You cant just attack blindly and hope to survive, you have to dodge ALOT, and block ALOT :P

The leveling isnt super mega fast, but it doesnt matter in this game xD its keeping me entertained all the way.

I would recommend this game to every RPG player that likes the active combat style, theres no real pots to use(well there is, but with 2 minutes or more cooldown) theres no targeting lock, so you hit the way your character is facing. The combat is epic :P

The quest system is easy to follow and you probably wont get bored playing this game, theres always stuff to do. Crafting is also simple in this game, you collect materials from nodes or from monsters and use it at an artisan to make equipment, the materials for basic stuff is easy to get, but to make the good stuff you need to defeat hard elite monsters.

The first area you start in is a really well made tutorial area, you learn all the basics realy fast, and put your skills to the test through at least 6-7 levels before you venture out into the first REAL area, where everything gets harder straight away :P in the first area you can solo all the elite monsters, but i have only been able to solo one in the new area.. So partying in this game is highly recommendded xD

So, wanna join me? :D

This is no review, just my opinion of the game and my personal experience, you may get a different feel for the game but im liking it so far! :)
Sorry for my english, it is not always the best ;)

If there is anything you need feel free to ask! :)

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