Stupidly Simple! my next build.

Stupidly Simple! my next build.

Postby knightsilver » January 9th, 2011, 5:41 pm

I will be doing a system review once the new system is up and going, system as a whole and the sum of its parts. Ive seen lot of money and time wasted (my self inculed) from not having the right system setup.

Im also wanting to add a new "Building & Maintaining U'r Blender/Gimp/Web Dev System 2.0" or combine the two stickys.

my upcoming system:(Will be using Blender 2.5 32bit, Gimp 2.6 32bit & Expression Web) After I move to 64bit Blender & Gimp, I hope 2x4GB 1600/CL6 kit will be out.

Intel i7(LGA 1155) 2600K
Mushkin 2x2GB 1600/CL6 ... 6820226120
EVGA P67 SLI ... amily&sw=5
Mushkin SSD ... 6820226151
EVGA 450 1GB SC ... 6814130573
Seasonic X 650W PSU ... 6817151088
Megahalems HSF ... 40c14s1037
Two 120x38 Delta's 120CFM each ... g36c15s562
Shin TIM(Thermal compound) ... g8c127s846

This will be a complete system build, not an upgrade.

This system will be built for overclocking, overclocking is just fine for 3D & 2D work, but takes time and lots & lots of patience and knowing what your doing, and doing it without hurting your system.
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Re: Stupidly Simple! my next build.

Postby simson33 » September 20th, 2012, 2:44 am

Awesome configure. really wonderful.
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