Blender Modelling contest #2

Blender Modelling contest #2

Postby Sazex » February 15th, 2010, 12:56 pm

here is the picture

1. Entries must be an image of a blend, (rendered/not rendered up to you)
2. The entry does not have to look EXACTLY like the picture,
but it has to have enough similarity so that anyone can tell you
used the picture to model (such differentiations may include, when a picture of a tree
is the picture for the contest, and it has 3 branches, you can have 4 branches instead or something.)
3. You may put the model in any background that you desire as long as it is the main focus of the picture
4. Materials/Textures/Uv Map are allowed
5. No dead lines until more than 1 entry has been posted
6. Contests are just for fun and you do not have to enter if you do not want to
7. Winner of the contest gets to pick the next image for the next Blender Modelling Contest(BMC)
8. Model the Red Knife only in the picture.
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