DS Blender-Jam

DS Blender-Jam

Postby djm » October 12th, 2014, 3:19 pm

Hey guys (and girls?)!

I was on this game jam this past weekend and it gave me an idea.. What about a DS Blender jam kind of thing where we each compete against each other with images (or games, depending on what people want to work on). Personally I don't care what we do.

Since this will be on DS I don't think a weekend is enough, and a month is too long. So a week or something should be enough. That way you can work on the project whenever you find the time really, instead of working on it for 48 hours straight.

What do you say? Any of you interested?
(I know some of you have school, others have work. Even I am busy right now, pretty much all day every day working on a project for someone. But stuff like this is always fun to put your mind to ease).
Regards, DJM aka Sheldin!

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